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Subject Welcom to the THERPRO
Writer admroot Hit 1133 Date Time 03/27/2011 07:05 PM

Since 1990 IAEA has collected and systematized openly available thermo-physical properties data including newly measured data within Coordinated Research Project on "Establishment of a Thermo-physical Properties Database of LWRs and HWRs". In the course of CRP, IAEA acquired THERSYST, a thermo-physical properties database for solid materials developed by IKE (Institut fur Kernenerge und Energiessysteme), University of Stuttgart, Germany through their courtesy.
In fact, the data base contains many valuable properties data and information, Unfortunately, however, it has been inactively utilized because of the unavailability of operating system supporting the old DOS based database. Therefore, in order to revitalize and upgrade the THERSYST, conversion task was included in the scope of second CRP and carried out by Nuclear Materials Lab., Hanyang university, Seoul, Republic of Korea under the financial support of Ministry of Science and Technology of Korean government.
The task was successfully completed and the new name THERPRO was given to the newborn on-line data base by the participants of IAEA's CRP. IAEA appreciated the contribution made by Hanyang university and the cooperative support of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the Republic of Korea.
In February, 2003 IAEA sent the letter (Ref: 622-I3, 2003-02-21) to MOST that the Agency hoped to designate Nuclear Materials Lab., Hanyang university, Seoul, Republic of Korea as the center for Nuclear Materials Data Base Management for the proper management and future update/upgrade of the THERPRO database.
Hanyang university accepted the designation proposed by IAEA in June, 2003 and thus MOST officially requested Hanyang university to establish the Designated Center for Nuclear Materials Data Base Management in June, 2004 (MOST Atomic Energy Cooperation Div.-1469, 2004-06-29).
Whereas data review and assessment for the update and upgrade of THERPRO will be performed through IAEA activities, the on-line data base system will be operated/managed and updated/upgraded by the center under the supervision of Agency.